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Max Protection

Decontaminate between EVERY patient transport

The AeroClave™ ADS is the first decontamination system directly integrated into your new or existing vehicle. The ADS utilizes an EPA-approved hospital disinfectant to give first responders the ability to decontaminate their vehicles and equipment after every patient transport.

The ADS provides the most convenient, hands-off solution to decontaminate your vehicle's patient compartment quickly, safely, and effectively. The AeroClave process provides consistent, reliable delivery of the perfect amount of disinfectant, decontaminating to OSHA and NFPA specifications every time in a matter of minutes....for a little over $1/day.

  • Fast turnaround and hands-free technology allows you to redeploy staff to highest and best use
  • Reduces your staff’s exposure to dangerous pathogens
  • Decontaminate even hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Consistent and reliable delivery of disinfectant, not achievable through manual cleaning methods
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Low cost of operation and ownership
  • Safe for sensitive equipment
  • Decontaminate between transports for maximum protection

Proven to Save

Using the ADS proactively actually saves your department money!  Ask us to show you how today!

Highlighted Benefits

Max Flexibility

Operate in-station or on the road between transports.

Fast Process

Improves asset turn-around time to get your vehicles and equipment back in service faster.

Lower Cost

Low cost of operation and ownership while providing faster decontamination process requiring less labor.


Safe for your staff, sensitive electronic equipment and the environment.

Be Prepared.  Decon ALWAYS On-board.

You can mount the ADS inside almost any vehicle.  Ask us about the possibilities.

These are some of the manufacturers that have installed AeroClave.

No-Touch disinfection for all your vehicles

Nozzle Assembly

The nozzle assembly is installed inside the patient compartment to deliver an even blanket of disinfectant to every surface. The mounting bracket pivots to allow for easy positioning on the ceiling, wall or on top of the main module. The standard locations for the nozzle are either over the back doors or on the bulkhead between the patient compartment and the driver’s cab.

5.5” x 2” x 4.7”

Optional. AeroClave Portable Applicator.

The AeroClave Portable Applicator, or APA, is used for manual hand application of disinfectant on high contact areas to spot treat backboards, stretchers and the exterior of the ambulance.

The APA Module comes with an ADP port to be mounted in an exterior cabinet and the standard 25-foot APA.


Optional. Air Compressor Module.

The Air Compressor Module is designed to be mounted anywhere in the ambulance. The kit contains all the tubing and control cable needed to hide the assembly in an exterior cabinet.

Destroys Pathogens

AeroClave's family of products represent the latest in decontamination technology. All our products use the proprietary AeroClave Process, utilizing an EPA-approved hospital disinfectant, to decontaminate rooms, vehicles, and equipment as an adjunct to gross decontamination.

Proven effective against MRSA, HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Ebola, MERS, CRE, E. coli, Norovirus, H1N1, Legionella pneumophilia, Salmonella, Listeria, mold, mildew and more.

​​​​​​​  YES, it’s effective against EBOLA and MERS

Learn about the AeroClave process

ADS  Specifications

Main Module - p/n ADS-10000

* Case dimensions: (H)11.5 in x (W)12.5 in x (D)6.5 in

* Exterior: Stainless steel construction

* Weight: 15 lbs.

* Power supply: 12 VDC, 4 amps

* Mounting brackets: Both wall-mount and shelf-mount

* Remote control range: Maximum 100 ft

* Reservoir: 2000 ml with valve

* Air requirement: Minimum 1 cfm @ 30 psi

* Operating temp: 35°F to 80°F at between 45% to 75% relative humidity

*Maximum treatment area: 700 cubic ft

Nozzle Assembly:

   * Case dimensions: (H)2.0 in x (W)5.5 in x (D)4.7 in

   * Nozzle: Brass or acrylic

   * Safety components: Motion detector, strobe light and air flow sensor

Optional Modules

Air Compressor Module - p/n ADS-20000

* Unit dimensions: (H)6.75 in x (W)10.5 in x (D)4.5 in

* Weight: 12 lbs.

* Power supply: 12 VDC, 13 amps

* Tubing and control wire included

* Compressor:

*    Vacuum flow rate: 2.0 cfm | 55.8 l/min

*    Vacuum continuous: 24.3 in.Hg | -823.7 mbar

APA Module - p/n ADS-30000

* Port bracket dimensions: (H)5.75 in x (W)3.75 in x (D)2.5 in

* Tubing and control wire included

* Includes standard APA: Spray gun with 25’ hose

Warranty and Training

* 12 month parts and labor warranty

* Operator training by AeroClave-certified staff

* Operator and service manuals

Ask about our extended warranty program

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